Louis de Mieulle



Formed in Paris in 2002, Soundchaser is my french band, and the first serious one I formed as a composer/bassist. I wrote all the music.

PHASE 1 (2002-2005):

Progressive jazz fusion quintet with horns (Alex TerrierMehdi Chaïb, Julien Molko). Also present: Augustin d'Assignies (Rhodes) and Antoine Fournier (drums). I met all these people at the American School of Modern Music in Paris. The music had a 70s flavour to it (grandeur + naiveté).

Albums: "Work in Progress" (demo,2002); "Chasin' the Sound" (unreleased, 2003).

PHASE 2 (2006-2008):

Mathy-jazz-groove-metal trio. A desire to move away from "jazz". Huge, huge Meshuggah influence.

Album: "Groovechaser" ([ikoz], 2006. Soon to be remastered and released digitally for the first time)

PHASE 3 (2009-):

Trip-groove-jam-ambient-psych? A desire to move away from through-composed math music. Long improvisations/spontaneous compositions. Use of space, repetition, and computer/sequences. No studio album to date - this music is meant to be played live in front of people (but never say never).

Below you'll find excerpts from "Groovechaser"(2006) and "Chasin' The Sound"(2003).


Featuring Alex Terrier (tenor sax) and Julien Molko (alto sax)