Louis de Mieulle

Stars, Plants and Bugs (TEASERS)

Stars, Plants & Bugs (Teaser)

by Louis de Mieulle

Released 09/09/2015
Dalang! Records
Released 09/09/2015
Dalang! Records
Second album from french bassist/composer living in NYC. Featuring Matt Garstka (drums), Casimir Liberski (keyboards), SharpEye Özçagatay (flute), Tareq Rantisi (percussion).
Written and produced by Louis de Mieulle.
Recorded and mixed by Aaron Nevezie.
Ten tracks/scenes illustrate a story about Life, Death and Rebirth - disguised as a surrealistic plot featuring vibrant constellations, ancient trees and neurotic insects.
"The arrangements drift seamlessly from modernistic electronic and sci-fi fuzzed bass backgrounds, to venture forth across spacious cosmic vastness, to dropping in on rarefied alt-lounge jazz piano respectfully paying homage to ancient wonder". (Roger Trenwith - The Progressive Aspect)